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  1. How can I get my ex girlfriend back after a break (up)?
    I met this girl 5 months ago and fell head over heels in lve with her. It was instant attraction. WE started talking for hours on end. We started dating four months ago. And a few days ago she told me that she thinks I want the relationship to be more serious, and said she felt caged in, even though I let her stay out all night with one of her guy friends and didn’t complain. And she said she needed a break to figure it out. Were meeting tonight to talk and shes going to tell me her decision. I’ve never loved anyone more than her, or anywhere near. She tells me she loves me and misses me even though I saw her yesterday. How can I get her back?

    1. dude tell her how you feel and if she dont reply then dont bodere let her go and just walk away cause you never know one day she can just dump you once more and that would hurt you way too much and be careful not to fall in love cause then you will bee hooked and then you will suffer for some girl that dosent deserve you so think it twice man there are many girl out there your just obsess with her

      take my advece dont fall in love ok please is not worth it giving your hear out and the getting it broken in peaces like it happen to me i was stupid and in love and one night i got dump by text man that was not kool so do me a favor play around dont fall in love k

  2. how to get my girlfriend back after break up?
    i got drunk and said some **** to my girlfreind that was hurtful. we have been fighting alot lately. she broke up with me. she dropped all my stuff off and didnt even want to talk to me. i called her this morning and told her i still love her much and want to work out the relationship. she said she doesnt know and she thinks she doesnt love me anymore. how can i win her back? should i just let her go and see if she comes back to me or should i nag at her and try to sit and talk to her? i love her and dont know what the **** to do anymore.

    1. call her up and tell her you are sorry foreverything and tell her how you really feel and that you want to give it another try.

  3. How can i win my ex-girlfriend back after a break up that was not unpeaceful?
    So i had this girlfriend for a little over a month and a half. We previously have known each other for two years and we started off as friends and over a long period of time became best friends and eventually ended up falling in love. About a week after we fell in love she began to have a feeling change when another guy asked her out she said yes and felt bad and after three weeks saw many flaws in him and broke up with him for me and for her own good. The same day we kissed during a spin the bottle game and was happy after i made a vow to save my lips for her. The next day we had one of the best kisses in our relationship. The day after that i asked her out and she said yes in an excited manner and we had another kiss. About another week later our relationship grew more passionate and we kept in touch despite complications. We eventually started to get closer andf closer each day and that escalated to each second. i even held her a sunset one day and she said that was romantic. We even talked about what if a break up occurs and she said she would never break up with me i felt comfortable and i said the same thing and other things such as “You are my one and only”, “I love you with all my heart”, and “You are my forever”. She replied with the same thing also we seemed unseprable. However about 3 days later things began to turn strange it seemed like we were drifting away i notified her and she got worried also because she had said she did not want to lose me either. i did not know that that was the trigger to our demise just yesterday everything just went down south. She told me “this is hurting me more than you i need to focus on studies and regaining my dad’s trust but youre my best friend and nothing will change that you’ll be my best friend forever i just dont love you like that anymore i love you as a best friend maybe in junior year we might get back together we probly will but no promises”. I was devastated what seemed like an indestructable relationship was now reduced to just being best friends. My love of my life became absent ihad cried myself to sleep that very nite and now im in a state of extreme sadness. Does anyone know what i can do to win her heart and love back? anyone have advice?
    but i dont want any other girl

  4. How can i get my Girlfriend back after breaking up with her?
    My Gf and I broke up a few weeks ago after going out for 2+ years bcs we were fighting a little bit she has a new bf but she doesnt really like him how can i get her back?
    thanks for the help

    1. its going to take time but try to stay connected with her and always try to tell her to remember the good relationship she had with you and or try to one up her new bf

  5. Has an Ex Girlfriend come back after they break up with another?
    my ex gf could be dating another kid soon, and lets say it doesnt work out…id like her to come back

    ive changed as a person, and ive tried everything to get her back except leaving her alone and waiting so im trying that…and if she dates a new kid…could she come back if they break up

    moving on…has already been done, and i liked her more then the other girls i dated so i think ill just wait…

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