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  1. Any success stories on getting ex back after he got a new girlfriend?
    Me and my ex-boyfriend of 4 years broke up a little over 3 weeks ago. He had a new girlfriend a week and a half later.. I really want him back and I still love him so much. I know he still cares about me and misses me but he has her.. So I was wondering if any of you had any success stories of getting your ex back after something like this and can you tell me what you did and how long you had to wait? I will give points to best answer and please don’t say an ex is and ex for a reason or to move on. Thanks.

    1. Ummm… my current bf had a gf for 6 years and was basically miserable for a really long time, and when he met me, we talked for a few months, and he realized he couldn’t stay with his ex anymore and be miserable and unhappy so he broke up with her and a couple weeks later, we were dating….

      I agree with the above poster… if he has a gf just a week and a half later, I have no doubt he’s already been talking to her for awhile and getting to know her and broke up with you for her….

      Listen, if he missed you, and cared about you, and everything else you think… he wouldn’t be in a new relationship a WEEK later… he’d be trying to work it out with you, he’d be trying to fix it with you and he’d be with YOU.

      I can tell you that with my bf, there’s no way he’d go back to his ex.

      I really think you DO need to move on. He’s moved on. He probably moved on before he actually even ended it…

  2. Successful stories with getting back with your ex?
    Does anyone out there have any advice on getting back with there ex; and any success stories?

    1. I got back with my ex, and things are great. When we broke up, I didn’t even know why. I didn’t get to thinking about all the stuff that was wrong with our relationship until after we split. I had to take a step back so I could see all the things I couldn’t have seen while we were together. I believe everthing happens for a reason. I started to look at things from her perspective, and it helped me know what she was feeling, and why she was feeling that way. When we got back together she knew I was serious about wanting to make it work.

      The only advice I can give you is to take a step back, and try to look at things from his perspective like I did. Whether she split with you, you split with him or it was mutual. It really helps to see things from your partner’s point of veiw. Not only did it help me understand her, it helped me understand myself.

      Hope all goes well, good luck.

  3. Getting back together with an ex, any success stories?
    I’m 19 I broke up with my girlfriend of a year in late july. We both did alot of things to hurt each other during this break up. But we never stopped loving each other. She asked for me back the whole time. We decided to hang out one night and after that night I realised how much in love I still was with her. I didnt talk to her for about a week or two after that night so I could end things with the other girls I was seeing so that I could concentrate on her only. She was also starting to see some guy. We started hangin out things were great for about a week until her friends got involved in the situation and pushed her towards the other guy so from there I pretty much lost her but she kept in contact that she still loved me and that she just cant be with me right now. She is now dating this other guy but she is still in love with me? If anyone has any experience with getting back with an ex id really appreciate it !! Share your experience Id love your advice, wich steps I should take

    1. She’s not really giving you a choice.

      She’s with this other guy, but still telling you that she loves you so that when the other relationship is over, she still has someone to fall back on.

      I’ll bet that if you began seeing someone else, she’d be pissed.

      I think that as long as you hold on and wait for her, the more miserable you’ll be.

      Find another, you’ll be ok :)

  4. Any success story on getting back with your ex after at least 4 months of no contact? How did u achieve so?

    1. I’ve dealt with the exact same issue. and yes it can work, if you both are willing to make it work. for whatever reason you guys broke-up in the first place, you have to leave it in the past,no matter how much water that is under the bridge, you have to let it go. you have to remember why you actually wanted to be with the person in the beginning. if you guys can recreate or rekindle that feeling then the rest is history. So many people will tell you that this is not possible, but if you love someone, let them go and if they’re the one,they will come back to you. Maybe this is the one. be open minded and willing to take a risk and this is coming from experience…good Luck!!!

  5. Success stories: have you continued sleeping wiht your ex and got back together afterwards??
    Only successful stories please. I’ve read plenty of scepticisms, I’m just confident there must be someone who stayed close with their ex and after some time, after spending lots of time together and sleeping together the ex started making moves on you and you got a second chance. Sceptics make judgements based on what the author of a question tells them.They never know the full picture. So please, no sceptics in this thread, let’s just share positive experiences!!:) Need sme encouragement and inspiration:)
    When my ex left me, he said his feelings were gone and it would be weird to kiss me, just like kissing nay other friend. Nonetheless he likes caressing my body even WITHOUT going the full way, so how can my body attract him and not my lips?However, when people get ‘rip-your-clothes-in-a-second’ passionate, and both sets of lips are close, I think it’s only natural to go with the flow. I’ve repeated to him I’m not looking far into the future and not looking for comittment (cos i know it scares him)-so what is he afraid of? Guys perspectives welcome, positive ones even better!
    For those who haven’t read my other thread-my ex kissed me recently on his own initiative, and we continue to sleep together, but I wish to repeat the kissing, and he says it was a one-off thing. If guys only kiss what they respect and are attracted to, how come he’s attracted but set this boundary?

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