10 thoughts on “Songs To Get My Girlfriend Back”

  1. Songs to get my girlfriend back?
    I messed up with my girlfriend and I’m still really in love with her. Do you know any songs that will show her that I want her and need her in my life?

  2. What is a good rap song to get my girlfriend back?
    i made the wrong decisions with her & i wan to fix it all, i need something i can sing to her to get her back.
    please help

  3. What song should i play to get my ex girlfriend back?
    Ok so i need a song that i can get my ex girlfriend back, i need a song that will say that i need a second chance or something like that. Thanks.

    1. Since I’m a girl I suggest Beautiful by Akon or Lonely by Akon or Sorry,Blame It on Me by Akon or With You by Chris Brown you know something nice and sweet.

  4. Would writing a romantic song help get my ex girlfriend back, if not any ideas on how to impress her again?
    I dated this girl for 8 months then out of the blue she decided to dump me, i would like to try and win her heart back as i do believe she was a great girlfriend. I have wrote her a lovely letter and a poem and they seem not to work, well i don’t think they have. Maybe all i should do is leave her alone and maybe she is not worth it. So am up for any opinions on this matter please :D

    1. Suprise her with something. Take her somewhere amazing and fancy or make her something you know she’ll love. If after a while nothing works then you may wanna forget her and move on…

  5. Song to get a girlfriend back?
    I need some serious songs to try to get my girlfriend back. I need them to be painfully good. I cant live without this girl. Shes my best friend and shes my world. Help me.

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